Our Work

The total wattage was 166,190 watts with existing Metal Halide fixtures

The new wattage after LED one for one conversion is 48,010. Amazing coverage and uniformity overall.  The customer received a great rebate from Dominion Power and also received a return on investment of 2.8 years.

Recent Project: Bristow Shopping Center, Bristow, VA

This project involved replacement of all fixtures to include 131-1000 watt Metal Halide tall pole heads, 37-400 watt Metal Halide pole floods, 25-150 watt Metal Halide wall packs, 29-100 watt Metal Halide sidewalk decorative poles and 17-100 watt Metal Halide wall floods.

LED conversion should not be done just to save on power consumption as power consumption savings is a given by converting to LED. Products specified should be well known manufacturers and installed by a professional company with experience in lighting. If this is done correctly you will have a lighting project that looks as good as Bristow Shopping Center. Contact CMI Lighting today for your commercial parking lot lighting upgrade at 703-331-5929 or vlepore@cmilighting.com.