Directional Boring: Why is it Beneficial?

Directional Boring: Why is it Beneficial?

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Have you considered using directional boring for your next oil and gas excavation project? Directional boring, also known as directional drilling, is a method that uses trenchless technology. The method includes a process that involves lateral drilling of various wells through oil- or gas-bearing rick from a vertical well hole. It’s also a method used in the installation of utility pipelines and conduits. Read on to learn more about directional boring and the benefits of using this method.  

Directional versus Traditional

The most common method used to install and connect utilities is through trenching. However, it’s only useful when there are no buildings or other obstructions in the way and when the ground above the utilities can be disturbed. Directional boring, on the other hand, can be used under roads, sidewalks rivers, and even houses if necessary.

Ground Impact

When compared to traditional drilling, directional boring has a lower impact on the existing ground, which means there will be much less disturbance. The damage that does occur comes mostly from the heavy drilling machines that run on tracks. Water is another impactful element with directional boring as it may disturb sod or grass seeds.


With directional drilling, you’ll benefit from reduced soil disturbance. You’ll also be able to install different piles from a single location area. It reduces the fractures to existing rock formations and reduces the contamination of groundwater pollution. Directional drilling also protects the ecosystem in the area while producing twice the amount of oil or gas being extracted. Professionals will also benefit from reduced excavation and shoring costs, and weather will not directly impact the process. Read on for more directional boring benefits:


  • Safer process than traditional/open cut.
  • Disruption to traffic and the landscape will be limited.
  • Directional boring is ideal for heavy roadways, airport runways, golf courses, and other areas sensitive to surface disruption.
  • Drilling can take place during ongoing site operations and beneath surface obstructions.
  • Techniques can be used to replace existing pipes, including asbestos cement, non reinforced concrete, and PVC conduits.



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