4 Easy Ways to Make Your Business Energy Efficient

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Business Energy Efficient

CMI Companies can help your business become more energy efficient!

A question that many business owners have is how to make their daily operations more energy efficient. With careful consideration, there are many opportunities to consider changes and upgrades that will result in better efficiency. To start, check out these four easy ways you can make your business energy efficient with lighting and technology.

Use Technology

There are a few gadgets that you can add to your business that will result in more energy efficiency. Power consumption is one of the main culprits of wasted energy. To start, consider using motion or occupancy sensors in offices, meetings rooms, and other gathering areas. Once these sensors sense that a room is empty, it will automatically turn off the lights. You often can’t depend on people to remember to turn the lights off every time they leave a room. With these devices, the technology will do it for you.

Lighting Upgrades

Switch out the bulbs that are currently being used in your commercial space. If you’re using traditional bulbs, consider upgrading to LED or even CFL options. These changes have been responsible for major savings in lighting and overall electricity costs. Also, LED and CFL bulbs last much longer than incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent. LED in particular provides directional light which makes it perfect for lighting over desks.

Power Down

Encourage and remind your employees to turn off their computers and other devices when they leave the office at night. This simple task will save your business money in energy costs and make your business more energy efficient overall. Get into the habit of turning off the computer and monitor. Also, unplug other electronics when they aren’t being used. While these devices are plugged in, even when they aren’t being used, they’ll still draw electricity from the wall. Set other equipment, like vending machines, on a timer so that they aren’t running all night while no one is in the office.

Low-tech Habits

Other simple habits that will make your business more energy efficient include closing and adjusting the window blinds in the office. Blocking direct sunlight means less work for your cooling system and better temperature regulation in the office. Speaking of cooling, make sure that the filters for your HVAC system are changed regularly to ensure that those systems are running smoothly and efficiently.


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