How Office Lighting Can Boost Employee Productivity

How Office Lighting Can Boost Employee Productivity

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Are you dissatisfied with the lighting at work? Don’t feel like you are alone because many Americans who are in the same boat. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to interior lighting. Some people struggle to see when a room is dimly lit, while many others have eyes that are sensitive to light. However, it is essential to understand the strong connection between office lighting and employee productivity. Here are some reasons why businesses shouldn’t neglect the lighting in their building.

Increases Employee Performance

There are plenty of studies that indicate that sufficient lighting increases employee performance. For example, overly bright lights can cause a person to feel stressed out. Since everyone tolerance towards light is different, many companies are creating controls for each worker. The controls would allow a worker to adjust the lights at their work area to their personal preference. If you aren’t happy with the lighting at your desk, it can be difficult to sit there and focus for an eight-hour workday.

Makes You More Alert

If you are a manager of a company, you want your employees feeling wide-awake and alert. It is important to remember that not everyone is a morning person. If you are feeling drowsy in the morning, it is difficult to wake up if you come to an office space that is dimly lit. You want there to be sufficient lighting in common/high traffic areas of your office. When it comes to employee workstations, you may be able to give employees more control in those areas.

Improves Mood Levels

For many people, poor lighting at work hurts mood levels. If you are feeling down about coming to work in the morning, it is hard to get excited about the day if you are working in poor lighting. By enhancing the quality of lighting in your office, you are also helping to improve the mood levels of your employees.


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