5 Health Benefits of LED Lighting

5 Health Benefits of LED Lighting

Have you made the switch to LED lighting yet?

Have you considered the health effects of your lighting choices? Believe it or not, the types of lighting that you use in your home or commercial space can have a direct impact on your health. When you choose to upgrade to LED lighting, you’re choosing an option that comes with many health benefits.  

Ultra-violet Radiation

One of the safest aspects of LED lighting is that they don’t emit any UV radiation. UV radiation has been linked to certain types of skin cancer, headaches, eye strain, and premature aging. Other types of bulbs, especially fluorescent bulbs, are known for emitting some UV radiation. This makes LED lighting an overall safer option as it takes away any potential exposure to UV emissions.   


Most types of light bulbs, especially fluorescent and incandescent, contain various levels of mercury. This makes the bulbs dangerous to handle and difficult to dispose of safely. LED lights don’t contain any mercury and are, therefore much safer for people and the environment.


Even after being in use for long periods of time, LED bulbs remain at about room temperature. This makes them much cooler than other bulb options, which can reach as high as 180 degrees Fahrenheit. LEDs are much safer to handle and won’t create any hotspots in your space, which would be especially important to avoid for commercial lighting in restaurant kitchens and other food service establishments.  

Color Consistency

When many bulbs are close to burning out, you’ll begin to see a flickering, which can be harsher on your vision. Constant DC voltage eliminates the flickering, which can be especially dangerous for workers that operate heavy or sensitive machinery. Furthermore, LEDs usually last up to 50,000 hours, resulting in a more even and consistent color in a space, reducing eye strain.


Have you ever noticed a consistent and annoying sound coming from your fluorescent bulbs? It can be distracting and until you realize where it’s coming from, even cause frustration and disorientation. LED lighting is silent, which helps combat irritability and fatigue throughout the day.  


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