5 Ways to Make Your Building More Energy Efficient

5 Ways to Make Your Building More Energy Efficient

Don’t throw away money every month when you don’t have to!

Energy efficiency is a buzz-term for both home and business owners, but it should be because it’s better for the environment and your pockets. Commercial spaces use about 36 percent of the country’s use of electricity, and much of that undoubtedly goes toward commercial lighting. Check out these ways you can make your building more energy efficient.  

Encourage Changes

Take some time to walk around and assess how people in the building are using energy. Do your employees each have a space heater? Do they have holiday decorations plugged into their desks all day? Encourage your employees to change the culture of the commercial space to one that is more mindful of the way energy is being used.

Shut Down the System

Install a system for your network that automatically switches all computers that aren’t being used to a sleep mode. This would also work for office lights systems that shut down at the end of the day or use a motion detector system that will come back one when someone walked into a room. Employees who work late would simply have to walk into the room to activate the lights and press enter or move the mouse on their computer to bring their desktop back up.  

Efficient Lighting

One of the simplest methods on this list is to swap out your current lighting fixtures and bulbs for ones that are more energy efficient. Switch your incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescents or LED bulbs to get more bang for your buck. Also, consider increasing the distance between your lighting fixtures to cover the same amount of area with the more efficient bulbs and paint with lighter colors that facilitate the brightness of those lights.

Conduct an Audit

Have a professional service come to your business and conduct an energy audit. This will reveal opportunities in your heating and cooling system, commercial lighting, and other areas where you could increase your energy savings. A professional service will reveal simple recommendations as well as more complex system upgrades that turn into immediate savings.

Change the Design

The layout of your commercial space could be more energy efficient. If you’re planning a renovation soon, use the results of your energy audit to implement a design that allows airflow and light to be more efficient. If necessary, consider upgrading the building envelope with updated windows.


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