5 Major Benefits of Energy Efficiency

5 Major Benefits of Energy Efficiency

If you haven’t already, now is the time to upgrade to energy efficient lighting!

The concept of energy efficiency is nothing new, but the latest types of LED lighting are! If you are considering making your home or office into a more energy efficient to live or work, here are some of the major benefits of doing so.

Lower Your Utility Bills

Energy costs add up quickly, whether it’s running the heat in the winter or trying to teach your twelve-year-old to turn off the lights when they leave their bedroom. If you take the plunge into energy efficiency and upgrade your lighting, appliances, and home, you could experience a whopping 30% drop in your monthly utility bills. You will use less energy and save money every day of the year—a true win/win situation.

Get an Awesome Return

Energy efficiency is not simply something you purchase and spend money on. Instead, it’s something that provides you with a fantastic return on investment throughout the lifespan of the product. Your savings also typically outweigh the cost of the product itself. This is especially true with LED lighting, which is more expensive than traditional light bulbs but lowers energy bills and outlives normal lighting by many years.

Boost Your Property Value

Energy efficient homes are enticing to many prospective homeowners, and they often go for higher price points that similar homes that don’t have upgraded energy efficient appliances. This is especially true with Energy Star rated home appliances like washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, and ovens.

Make Your Life More Comfortable

Energy efficiency helps your home to operate at the highest level possible. Energy efficient heat pumps will keep your home warmer and healthier. Energy efficient products also do a better job at preventing the accumulation of pollutants indoors, which is particularly important in parts of the country with high levels of radon emissions or a great amount of vehicular traffic.

Save the Environment

Energy efficiency is one of the most effective ways to cut down on your energy use and environmental impact. Homes are the cause of over 20% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, so if every homeowner upgraded their appliances to energy efficient ones, that number could drop exponentially.

Energy Efficiency with LED Lighting from CMI

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