Energy Saving Tips For Your Commercial Building

Energy Saving Tips For Your Commercial Building

CMI Companies can help you save money on your monthly energy bills!

It is quite alarming how much energy is wasted in commercial buildings every year. Many businesses are throwing away thousands of dollars on their energy bills every month without even realizing it. If you are the owner of the commercial building owner, it is in your best interest to take some time to learn how you can decrease your facility’s energy usage. Not only is it good for the environment, but it should also translate to more money in your pocket. That being said, here are a few energy saving tips for your commercial building!

Energy Audits

One of the best ways to understand how much energy you are using and for what purposes is to conduct an energy audit. Your first step should be to analyze your utility bills for the previous year. After you have done so, you may realize you need to bring in a professional that has experience surveying your building. CMI Companies conducts their own energy audits and will be able to tell how you are wasting money. The professional will also be able to recommend solutions that should translate into to savings everything month.

Equipment Upgrades

It is possible that your building has outdated equipment that is in poor condition. If this is the case, you should definitely consider investing in energy-efficient equipment. Another step you can take is to switch from HID to LED lighting in your commercial building. If you want to see how much money you will save by making this switch, CMI can conduct an energy analysis. Once you see the results, you probably will jump at the opportunity!


If you are serious about decreasing your building’s energy usage, everyone needs to be on the same page. This may require you to hold energy-saving lessons with all employees. For example, they should be taught the importance of powering down equipment at the end of every day. You may even want to offer them incentives to motivate employees and building tenants to be more energy-conscious.


Are you in need of electric or lighting services for your commercial facility? CMI Companies is here to help! With over 35 years in the industry, CMI has an array of equipment to handle the logistics of any in-house job. We also frequently provide solutions to property managers and upcoming developments. CMI Companies provides services in Mid-Atlantic Region and proudly serves clients in Northern Virginia, Maryland, Richmond, Southern Virginia, Manassas, Prince William County, Fairfax County, Rockville, and Prince George’s County. Also, check us out on Google +, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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