5 Landscape Lighting Mistakes

5 Landscape Lighting Mistakes

Outdoor lighting is an important feature of your property’s landscape. Don’t overlook it!

Commercial lighting makes a big difference in the appearance and appeal of your business. It not only helps people find you, but it keeps your community safe. For commercial lighting, business owners and property managers want to ensure that the system in place is functional and visually appealing. Here are five mistakes you’d want to avoid for your landscape.


LED lighting is better for your pockets and the environment. LED bulbs last much longer than traditional bulbs, up to 11 years of continuous use. If you’re not using LED bulbs in your commercial lighting, then you’re wasting money and energy. In addition, LED lights don’t burn out like regular bulbs. Instead, they slowly get dimmer over time and are capable of running on low power supplies.  

Light Pollution

Avoid light pollution by strategically placing your lighting fixtures to provide enhanced visibility for your employees, customers, clients, and other business associates. Too many lights can actually have the opposite effect and obscure vision and create glares. Also, make sure that your lights aren’t shining directly into traffic or any residential areas.

Too Much of the Same

Be careful that you don’t use too many of the same fixtures on your property. While consistency is great, it can also be boring and unappealing. Adding different light fixtures shows a clear point of view and theme. For example, light fixtures at various heights ensure that you have full coverage without oversaturating any particular section of your property. Also, keep in mind that you can have too much light. Lights should highlight focal points, like your branding, and ensure the safety of your community.      

Not Enough

Not enough lighting is just as bad on the eyes as having too much lighting. Low lighting is ineffective when it comes to both advertising and safety. In addition, light fixtures that are placed too close together could leave some areas poorly lit, making your property look unbalanced and unprofessional.

Improper Mounting

Light fixtures that are improperly mounted are both ineffective and dangerous. Improper mounting means that the lights are more vulnerable to being knocked over by heavy winds or even people as they walk by. They become a liability that your business wouldn’t want to be responsible for.


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