Commercial Electrical Wiring: How to Know If You Have the Right One

Commercial Electrical Wiring: How to Know If You Have the Right One

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If you’re a property manager or business owner inspecting your current electrical wiring system or considering whether you need to make changes, here are some considerations you should add to your list. Depending on the needs of your company, the electrical wiring will facilitate your business operations or hinder you from providing the services and products that your business offers. Assess your current wiring system and determine if what you have is the right one.  

Large Loads

Commercial buildings and business settings often require more electrical wiring than we do at home. They have to support multiple computers and IT infrastructures, LED lighting, and other heavy-duty equipment. You’ll know if you have the right one if your wiring system is able to safely and sufficiently support all the space’s needs. In this case, the electrical wiring will need added protection to safely support the heat that electricity produces.   

Conduit Protection

Are you using conduit in your commercial space? If you aren’t familiar with the term, you’ve probably seen it along walls in office buildings as it protects wiring from exposure to damage and normal wear and tear from office use. In offices, the wiring is usually run along the walls instead of being embedded inside as these spaces are usually leased and it makes it easier for businesses to change the setups as needed. Conduit is made from either plastic or metal tubing and usually painted to match the wall color.  

Three or Single-Phase

Single-phase wiring is usually sufficient for homes and small businesses, but for larger companies, the three-phase wiring is the best option. Which wiring system your business requires depends on its size. Single-phase wiring supplies 240 volts while three-phase supplies 448 volts.  

Code Compliance

The National Electrical Code outlines regulations and standards on how electrical wiring should be set up in commercial buildings. These regulations are based on local laws and industry safety standards. Your commercial electrical wiring, if properly installed, will adhere to these standards so that you are able to safely operate your business.  


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