How To Boost Your Building’s Energy Efficiency

Boost Energy Efficiency

Boost your building’s energy efficiency with these tips.

Commercial buildings often use a lot of energy because of the number of people who work in them and the amount of equipment in them as well. Some of the energy usage in a commercial building is unavoidable but this isn’t the case for all of it. There are several steps you can take to make your commercial building more energy efficient. Here are some of them.

Get An Energy Audit Done

Having an energy audit conducted for your building will give you a great idea of the areas your building could improve on in terms of efficiency. When you get an energy audit, a professional comes to your building and looks at its energy outputs and determine any weaknesses that it has. You may have noticed that you’re spending a lot of money on heating your building during the winter. An energy audit could help uncover the fact that your building isn’t adequately insulated or that your heating equipment is outdated.

Use Programmed Lighting

A good amount of inefficient energy use is due to unnecessary use of lighting. It’s easy to walk out of a room and forget to turn the lights in the room off. It’s easier to automate the process of turning lights off instead. By using programmed lighting in your commercial building you can cut down on any issues with lights being on when the room they’re in isn’t in use. You could use motion-activated lights that are programmed with a timer to help cost energy usage. That way, whenever employees are in an area, the lights will come on automatically.

Talk To Your Employees

Many energy usage issues are due to human error, so be sure to talk to your employees about ways they can save energy. You could let them know about the importance of turning lights off and saving energy in other ways as well. There could even be an incentive attached to energy efficient practices that could motivate your employees more.

Perform Routine Maintainance

It’s important to ensure you maintain all HVAC and lighting systems to make sure they are operating at peak efficiency. All the components in these play a role in making sure your building as a whole is working properly.



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