4 Commercial Lighting Don’ts

Commercial Lighting

Avoid making these mistakes with your commercial lighting system.

There are a lot of important elements in any commercial building and they all play a role in ensuring customers and employees have a good experience when visiting. Lighting is no different. It’s important to make sure your commercial lighting meets a high standard so your employees and customers can reap the benefits. Here are some mistakes to avoid when working with your commercial lighting system.

Not Using LED

LED lighting is the best lighting you can use for your business and if your current lighting system doesn’t include them, then you aren’t using your lighting to its fullest potential. LED lighting is not only great for the environment but it can help save you money as well. Having LED lights in your workplace has been proven to boost people’s moods as well. There are a ton of benefits associated with having LED lights so if you don’t have any installed, you should get some.

Light Pollution

Regardless of the type of lighting you choose to put in your commercial building, having too much of it can be a problem. If you have too many light fixtures in your building, it’ll be not only an eyesore but it’ll decrease visibility as well. Make sure to consult with a professional so you can determine the proper placement of your light fixtures so you can avoid any potential issues with light pollution

Using The Same Fixtures Throughout

It’s important that you use different fixtures in your building. Make sure that your light fixtures are functional, fit your overall design scheme and complement each other. This will ensure that your lighting is not only functional but attractive to others as well.

Inadequate Lighting

It’s important to make sure your business is well-lit to ensure maximum effectiveness. Having spots that aren’t well lit can not only result in your employees being less efficient than usual but it can also present a massive safety issue as well. This is true for lighting in your building’s interior as well as for its exterior. Make sure you have adequate lighting that works well regardless of what time of day it is.


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