5 Things to Consider Before Switching to LED Lighting

Switching To LED

Here are some reasons to consider switching to LED lighting.

Your lighting system plays an important role in the overall operation of your commercial facility. If you’ve been thinking about making a switch, there are some factors that you should consider first. Of all the options available for commercial lighting, LED has gained a lot of steam in popularity, and for many reasons. Read on to check out five things you should consider before switching to LED lighting.

The Energy Efficiency



Lighting is the ideal place to start when you want to incorporate more energy efficiency in your business. In fact, lighting accounts for up to 85 percent of your energy costs. It’s been proven that LED lighting has accounted for up to 70 percent savings in energy costs. This is especially useful on a larger scale and you’ll likely see the difference in your expenses in the first bill after you switch.

Your Operating Budget



Consider your overall operating budget. LED lighting is famous for its long lifespan and if your energy expenditure is part of your overall operating budget, you could benefit greatly from switching to LED. However, if your operating budget only includes labor and materials, switching to LED may not make that much of a difference in your expenses.

The Maintenance



LED lighting means less maintenance for you. Because they last so long that means less work for your maintenance team and fewer materials that you’ll have to purchase, including bulbs.

The Visual Appeal



In addition to the energy efficiency and environmental benefits of LED lighting, it could also increase the visual appeal of your commercial facility. The quality of LED lighting is easier on the eye and results in a brighter space.

Social Responsibility



LED lighting is free of mercury. By switching, you could also earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design points. It’s sustainable and ideal for environmentally conscious business owners. Depending on your type of business, this is a feature that you can tout to your customers and clients to build up your reputation.


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