Choosing The Right LED Bulb

Light Bulbs: What You Should Know

Choosing the right LED bulb is essential.

By now you are probably aware of the many benefits of LED lights. They are not only great for the environment, but they are long-lasting as well. This means they are ideal to use in a residential or a commercial setting. Even with this knowledge, it’s important to understand that not all LED lights are the same. There are differences that you should account for before you include them in your commercial lighting system. Here are three factors to consider to help you choose the right LED bulb.

Color Temperature

Color temperature describes the type of lighting that it is being used, and is an important factor to consider because it affects how your employees feel. Warm lighting is in the 2000-3000K range, and is usually a red or yellow tone. This is a good temperature to use if you want to create an open, inviting environment. However, it’s important to avoid using this type of lighting in an office setting, as it could case issues with eye strain.


Bright lighting is the most similar to natural lighting, which makes it a great option for office spaces. By contrast, cool lighting is very useful if you need your employees to focus on a certain area intently. Choosing the right color temperature for your LED lights is important.


While these factors may seem to be more about aesthetics, they also have a functional purpose. The size of your lights can signal different things to your employees and clients, so it’s important to put some thought into it. For example, you could use chandelier bulbs instead of the more traditional A-line bulbs to create a more elegant feel to your space. It’s essential to consider the fixtures you already have in place when you are deciding which sizes and shapes you choose.


In addition to color temperature, it’s imperative to consider how bright you want your LED lighting to be. The information about a bulb’s brightness should be clearly labeled on its packaging. Remember that the lumens, not the wattage, provide the information about how bright the light will be.



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