A Short Guide on Color Temperature for Commercial Lighting

Light has the power to influence how we feel.

The way that humans interact and adjust to different types of lighting may surprise you. While you may think that all lighting is created equally, in truth lighting color plays a huge role in setting the tone and rules for each environment. When you’re making lighting choices in your commercial space, what you decide on may positively or negatively affect your business. Today we’ll discuss the types of lighting and their best uses and how they can help your business succeed.

Warm Lighting

Lighting colors are usually measured on a kelvin scale and can be divided into three categories, 2000-3000 Kelvin is on the warm side of the spectrum. This lighting leans towards red and yellow tones and creates a warm, inviting mood. While this is ineffective in office spaces, as it can cause eye strain if computers or heavy reading are involved, it’s perfect for restaurants, commercial lounges, and decorative lighting.

Bright Lighting

The range of 3100-4500 Kelvin creates a bright, white toned, natural light that is great for areas where productivity is key. Offices, garages, lighting for tasks, and basements is often this hue. Because it is the closest mimic of natural light it helps reduce eye strain and improve focus and productivity.

Cool Lighting

For security lighting, product displays, and garages, the range of 4600-6500 is a great option as it is highly invigorating and sharp. This light is often considered to have a blue tone and can help keep employees focused and attentive. Blue toned light is useful in any areas where extreme focus is needed. This is because it helps highlight even the smallest details, which also makes it completely unsuitable for restaurant settings. Unlike warm lighting, which makes visitors feel at ease, cool lighting has a tendency to feel sterile, making visitors feel alert and diminishing appetite.



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