How To Create Eco-Friendly Office Lighting

office lighting

Here’s how LED lights and some other office lighting tips can make your commercial lighting as eco-friendly as possible.

Good lighting is key to making an office environment as comfortable and efficient as possible. Obviously, you wouldn’t want there to be too little light so that your employees can’t see their work. You also wouldn’t want the light to be too harsh and glaring, because that could cause headaches and other discomforts. You definitely want the lighting to also be eco-friendly, to lessen your environmental impact and your energy costs. Here’s how LED lights and some other office lighting tips can make your commercial lighting as eco-friendly as possible.

LEDs Are Your Best Option

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights are another option for replacing incandescent light bulbs. Like CFLs, LEDs are more energy efficient, last longer, and don’t produce heat the way that incandescents do. The heat production might seem like a small thing, after all, how much heat can a single bulb produce? But again, multiply that by the number of bulbs in your building and it is a lot.

Don’t Block Your Natural Light

Clearly, the cheapest and most energy efficient form of light you could use in your office is the sun. Don’t be afraid to let in the sunshine through windows, skylights, and glass walls. Obviously, at night and on cloudy days, you will need artificial light, but consider a lighting system that allows you to dim interior lights on really bright days. As an added benefit, exposure to sunlight can help keep your employees happier and healthier. Natural light has been shown to impact mental health, circadian rhythms, and even the body’s immune system.

Consider Reflective Surfaces

Consider installing mirrors or reflective elements to help diffuse the light around your office space. This is also a good way to bring sunlight into interior spaces. And don’t be afraid of the word reflective, it doesn’t have to be limited to mirrors. Light colored, shiny linoleum or highly polished wood is also reflective and can help spread the light around.


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