Reduce Your Energy Consumption In Your Commercial Building With These 5 Easy Tips

Reduce Your Energy Consumption In Your Commercial Building With These 5 Easy Tips

Invest in new lighting systems this summer!

Do you want to lower your energy consumption in your commercial building? Many building owners or managers are unaware there are plenty of steps they can take to save money on their energy bills every month. Keep reading for some helpful tips!

Consider Your HVAC System

When was the last time your building got a new HVAC system? It is important to realize that older units are usually significantly less inefficient. By investing in a new system, you will improve the air quality in your building, as well as increase your energy efficiency.

Buy New Appliances

Old appliances typically are not energy-efficient. Although investing in new appliances may be a high expense, you should realize that making this switch will help you save money in the long run. When buying new appliances, be on the search for ones that are Energy Star rated.

Upgrade To LED Lighting

LED lighting is a tremendous investment in commercial settings. Commercial buildings utilize a lot of energy due to excessive lighting usage. This is especially the case if the building has people in it past normal business hours. If you want to reduce your energy consumption, a quick fix is to transition from standard light bulbs over to LED lights. These kinds of bulbs last longer and use a lot less energy. Also, they are significantly less harmful to the environment.

Conduct An Energy Audit

If you are serious about lowering your energy consumption in your commercial building, you need to understand your energy usage fully. The only way to do so is to hire a professional to conduct an energy audit. A thorough audit will pinpoint places in your facility where you are losing money. The professional who conducts the audit should be able to make recommendations on how to maximize efficiency. For example, they may have suggestions on new creative ways of insulating your building.


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