Why You Should Utilize LED Lighting in Your Facility

Why You Should Utilize LED Lighting in Your Facility

Invest in LED lighting for your facility today!

Property managers and owners are always thinking of ways to make their facilities function in a more efficient way. In the area of lighting, choosing LED is a major step in the right direction. Read on to learn why you should utilize LED lighting in your facility.

Energy Efficiency

The top reason on every list of why managers and owners should choose LED lighting is its energy efficiency. On average, LED lights use about 50 percent less energy than other traditional lighting options. This results in savings to your electricity bills and the number of times you’ll have to replace the bulbs throughout the year.  

Extended Life

LED lighting will never burn out in the way that incandescent lighting does. Instead, the lighting will start to dim over time. In general, LEDs have an expected life of 30,000-50,000 hours of operation. The quality of the light fixture itself and other factors can impact that length of its life. To compare, incandescent lights last for about 1,000 hours and compact fluorescents provide up to 10,000 hours.  

Low-Temperature Operation

To operate at low temperatures, fluorescent lights require a higher voltage. On the other hand, the performance of LEDs increases in low temperatures. This makes them the most optimal option for use in refrigerated display cases and other cold storage applications. They’re also great for outdoor uses in the fall and winter.


LED lights are not constructed with filaments or glass enclosures. This makes them more physically durable than other lighting options. Instead of glass and filaments, LEDs are made with circuit boards and soldered leads. Although they are vulnerable to direct impact, they can also withstand other impacts, like drops, and vibration forces.

Full Brightness

When you turn on an LED light, you can expect to experience the fullness of its light immediately. With most fluorescent and HID lamps, they can take up to three minutes before providing their full maximum light output. LED lighting provides its full light output immediately, which can help reduce eye strain from having to adjust to the change in brightness.


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