The Many Benefits of LED Security Lighting

LED security lighting

Here’s how you can improve the security of your business with the many benefits of using LED security lighting.

Security lights are one of the most effective features of your overall security system when it comes to deterring crime. Burglars typically look for easy targets – where they can hide under the darkness of night and go undetected as they approach and enter your space. With security lights, you are taking away that option. The greater visibility also makes trespassers more easily identifiable on security cameras.  Here’s how you can improve the security of your business with the many benefits of using LED security lighting.

Why LED?

There are many benefits associated with using LED lighting. To start, a 14-watt LED bulb produces the same amount of light as a 75-watt incandescent bulb and boasts a lifespan of about 25,000 hours. That kind of efficiency is hard to match. Therefore, although you’re adding more lighting to your property, your pockets won’t be subject to that much of a hit. It’s an option that is both incredibly effective and cost-efficient.   

Perimeter Security

Using LED security lighting means that your business is visible from all angles throughout the night. This gives you the advantage of having added surveillance. You can even use lighting to highlight certain areas of your property that are especially vulnerable to unlawful entry. In addition to human threats, the lights will also scare away furrier trespassers like skunks, raccoons, and possums. Animals that prefer to move in the privacy of darkness will choose other options.

Increased Safety

In addition to its security benefits, LED lighting is also great for increasing the safety of your property. If you have a pool or other water feature, it will make it more visible in low-light, helping to minimize the possibility of accidents. It will also make climbing steps a lot safer. Even if there are certain walkways on your property that are uneven or under construction, the lighting will help guide people to a safer route and illuminate those areas that they should avoid.  


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