3 Advantages of LED Landscape Lighting


3 Advantages of LED Landscape Lighting

LED landscape lighting is growing in popularity.

LED lighting is quickly becoming an ordinary option for your lighting needs, sitting alongside other traditional options. As more people are becoming accustomed to its benefits and learning more about the technology, you’ll see LED lighting in more applications, including landscape lighting. Check out three advantages of using LED lighting for your landscape lighting needs. 

Long Lasting

LED lighting was once used as the main source of light for cell phones and watch displays. It uses a semiconductor to convert electricity into light. In outdoor settings, it’s necessary to have a system that is durable and long-lasting, to withstand all the variables that the weather will create. One of the factors that make LED lighting so popular is how long it lasts. If you have to run your lighting throughout the day, that equates to about three years of continuous use.


One of the other big advantages of using LED lighting is its sustainability and friendliness to the environment.  A report released by the U.S. Department of Energy labels LED lighting as the lighting technology with the most potential to save energy. They also emit less heat than other lighting options. With incandescent and halogen, about 90 percent of their energy is emitted through heat while LED bulbs use energy much more efficiently. This increase in efficiency also equates to increased safety as they minimize the risk of fires, especially when exposed to dry leaves and other flammable materials.

Lower Costs

An undeniable advantage of using LED lighting is that it will save you money. Using LED bulbs cuts energy use by more than 80 percent and they are known to be up to seven times more energy efficient than incandescent lighting. It’s projected that switching entirely to LED use would save the U.S. billions of dollars in energy costs over the next two decades. On a smaller scale, the costs savings for you would be evident almost immediately in your utility bills.   


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