Why Your Business Should Get a Commercial Energy Audit

Why Your Business Should Get a Commercial Energy Audit

Energy audits include analysis of the exterior of your building, the HVAC system, and other interior components.

Think of an energy audit as a doctor’s appointment for your building. The professional conducting the audit will check your commercial lighting, HVAC system, and other energy components. Learn more about how you use energy with a commercial energy audit.

Save Money

One of the most popular reasons to get an energy audit is because they identify ways you can save money on your energy and utility expenses. In fact, some people have the ability of saving up to 50 percent of what they spend in these areas. Energy audits include analysis of the exterior of your building, the HVAC system, and other interior components. It will identify if these systems are functioning properly, efficiently, and how well they work together as an energy network. Finally, recommendations will be made about how to improve these systems so that they work more efficiently and ultimately, save you money.

Increase Comfort

Energy efficiency has a direct link to interior comfort. You’ll probably be using your heating and cooling system throughout most of the year. An energy audit will help you realize how to improve insulation and ensure that you have complete air sealing. You’ll also realize if you should invest in more energy efficient equipment, especially Energy Star products. When all these components are working well together, more people will be comfortable inside the space without having to put so much stress on the HVAC system.    

Improve Safety

Older HVAC systems can cause potentially dangerous problems. An energy audit will highlight any issues that could potentially become dangerous. Potential problems include backdrafting combustion equipment, radon leaks, and even carbon monoxide poisoning. The professional that conducts you to the audit will alert you of any glaring problems and make suggestions for immediate solutions to ensure that everyone will remain safe within the building.

Increase Durability

Systems that aren’t working efficiently or that aren’t up to date could be leaking or causing excess moisture to get into the space. This could lead to mold, mildew, and other issues that affect the structure of the building. Over time, if not properly addressed, these factors will affect the structure of the building and make it necessary to pay for major repairs. The audit will highlight potential issues which would allow you to address them, extending the durability of the building.  


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