Shedding Some Light on LED Lighting

Shedding Some Light on LED Lighting

LED lighting is measured by lumen maintenance which measures the light output of a brand-new LED light source.

LED lighting has been a popular term in conversations surrounding energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. LED stands for light-emitting diode. This form of lighting is known for having a lifespan that other lighting options on the market, including incandescent and fluorescent. Although it’s a popular option, there are a few misconceptions out there about the performance of LED lighting. Let’s shed some light on it! 

Life Rating Differences

Because LED technology is so much different than the technology in traditional light sources, the life ratings have to be measured using a different system. LED lighting is measured by lumen maintenance which measures the light output of a brand-new LED light source. The Department of Energy published a report highlighting inaccurate or miscalculated claims when it comes to the lifetime of various LED products.  L70 indicates when the LED light source produces 70 percent of the initial light output at 30,000 hours. L50 indicates lumen output of 50% at 30,000 hours.

LED Lifespan

The lifespan of your LED light source depends on how you use your lighting. For example, if you use a lamp with an L70 rating all day during every single day of the year, then that tells you how long your lamp should last. At about halfway through the fourth year, your L70 lamp will reach its performance threshold. At this point, the lighting won’t fail; however, the output will be dimmer or slightly shift in color. How that affects your space depends on where the lighting is being used. For example, in commercial spaces, a dimmer light might not be appropriate, especially in a restaurant or retail setting. This means that the decision for replacing the LED is different from traditional bulbs, which usually fail entirely. The measure of failure is different and may be defined as practical failure rather than total loss of light.  


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