How to Save Money on Your Commercial Lighting System

How to Save Money on Your Commercial Lighting System

When was the last time you had an energy audit?

The commercial lighting system in your business could be the main source of where all the money allocated for utilities and electricity is going. If the system isn’t efficient enough, you could be wasting money will dull bulbs and outdated fixtures. Have an energy audit completed for your space and if your lighting system comes up as a suggestion, here are some ways you can save money.

Switch to LED

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the benefits of switching to LED bulbs and lighting systems. The rumors are true because LED lighting offers increased brightness and a longer lifespan. In comparison, halogen and other tradition lights will last you about 1,000 hours while LED boasts an incredible 50,000-hour life. You’re also likely to see a decrease in your electricity bills when using LED; up to a 70 to 80 percent decrease. They’re not just great for your pockets, but they’re better for the environment as well.

Use Motion Sensors

So much energy from light is wasted when they are constantly turned in on rooms and hallways that aren’t being occupied, or if someone accidently leaves them on overnight or over the weekend. You can save money by installing motion sensors that will only turn on when they sense people and movement in the space and turn off when the area isn’t being occupied.  

Consider Your Fixtures

Switching to LED lighting is great but won’t do much if you’re fixtures aren’t upgraded enough to support them. New fixtures help optimize your light output. While older fixtures focus light downward in one position, newer fixtures work to spread light over a larger area. This helps you use fewer bulbs and fixtures overall.  

Make Upgrades

Do some research into the most energy efficient products available on the market. Invest in bulbs and lighting fixtures that will pay for themselves over time by decreasing the amount of money you’ll have to spend replacing them. Plus, you’ll see decreases in your electricity bills by using products that are upgraded and more efficient.


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