Energy Saving Solutions for Your Commercial Building

Energy Saving Solutions for Your Commercial Building

Use these tips to start saving money on your monthly energy bills!

There are many solutions available for commercial buildings to save in the amount of energy that they consume through everyday usage. It often takes many working parts to operate a commercial building, and property managers and business owners would benefit significantly from these energy savings. Find out below how commercial building owners and operators are becoming more conscious of how they use energy.

Analysis and Audit

The first step in understanding the energy output of your commercial building is knowing how and where energy is consumed. Usage data analysis will reveal patterns in how your business consumes energy. Furthermore, comprehensive bill auditing consults the expertise of energy consultants to study and audit your bills and fixed cost expenses to identify opportunities for savings.

Power Factor Fees

The power factor for your company is directly related to wasted power while various motors are idling. If your company operates any 24/7 servers, AC units, security lights, or other similar systems, then you probably have a poor power factor. Some utilities require customers to maintain a 95% power rating, and if your company falls below that rating, there will probably be additional charges that appear on your bill. Find out the specific power factor rating requirements and determine what yours currently is, then consult an industry expert to evaluate solutions.  

Efficient Lighting

Consider implementing more efficient lighting options throughout your commercial building. LED technology is one of the most well-known and commonly used solutions. It could be as simple as replacing bulbs with LED options or switching out existing fixtures for more efficient options.

Reduction Strategies

The two ways commercial buildings can save on power are supply-side savings and demand-side savings. The supply side requires determining how to pay less for energy while the demand side relates to determining how to use less energy. Strategic solutions to these questions will result in savings on electricity bills.  

Sustainable Products

It is becoming a growing trend that companies are now implementing more sustainable products into their daily business operations. This includes installing solar panels and wind technology to help commercial buildings become much less reliant on utility companies.


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