The Benefits of Electrical Maintenance for Your Commercial Building

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical maintenance is an essential part of a well-run commercial building.

When it comes to maintaining a commercial building, there are a lot of parts to consider. Unlike a home, much of the daily wear and tear can have a stronger effect and cause faster deterioration. This is speedier degradation is particularly essential if your building is in use 24/7. Along with the usual maintenance to the roof, plumbing, and HVAC system, make sure you don’t forget your electrical side! Following proper electrical system, maintenance can help all of your parts last long and work more effectively.

Decrease Costs

It’s estimated that businesses in the US alone lose over $4 billion just to electrical systems that have become inefficient. When you follow routine maintenance, you can lower your energy costs and improve efficiency by up to 30%.

Increased Safety

If your system has faulty wiring, you can be putting everyone in your building at risk unnecessarily. Electrical shock, injury, and fire can all lead to expensive legal and repair issues that can cost you significant money, business, and your reputation. When you follow maintenance routine, you’ll ensure that you stay compliant with OSHA and National Fire Protection Association standards.

Damage Prevention

One of the most important aspects of electrical maintenance is that it can help prevent damage of all levels. When failures occur, they can cause significant damage and sometimes danger. Not only can maintenance save you from danger, but it can save you money on repairs as well. Additionally, there is more to electrical damage than just power outages. If your system shorts and destroys expensive IT equipment you could result in business threatening damages to yourself and any tenants you might have.

Fewer Surprises

When you are doing electrical work, the power will need to be disrupted. When a repair catches you unaware, this can mean hours of unplanned outage that can cause loss of productivity and frustration. When you follow a plan, you’ll have designated outage days allowing everyone to plan in advance.


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