Things to Avoid When Switching to LED Lighting


Avoid these mistakes when switching to LED lighting.

There are a number of reasons to switch your business to LED lighting. After all, LED lighting is more energy efficient, eco-friendly, and last much longer than traditional light bulbs. But not all LED lighting is created equal. It’s important to evaluate your commercial lighting needs when making decisions about the LED lighting your business will be using. Otherwise, you could be making some common mistakes that businesses make when switching over. Here are a few tips to help you avoid these common mistakes when switching your business to LED lighting.

Avoid Lights that are Too Dark or Too Bright

You will want to compare the brightness and output of your current bulbs to the LED lights you are considering. This will help you to avoid under-lighting or over-lighting your commercial space. If you pick LED lighting that is too dark, it can make work in your commercial building difficult, while LED lighting that is too bright can ruin the atmosphere or even make colors appear duller. This can cause strain on your eyes and negatively impact the aesthetic appeal of your business.

Avoid Lights that Don’t Work with Your Fixtures

Some lighting fixtures, especially with automation and dimmers, are made for halogen or incandescent lighting. So when you replace these lights one-to-one with LED bulbs, the fixtures may not be compatible, since LED has different energy requirements and outputs. Be sure to test your fixtures before replacing your lighting with LED lights to avoid costly replacements and inefficient lighting.

Avoid Buying Lights with Varying Light Distribution

While LED lights are far more energy efficient than their incandescent and halogen counterparts, it’s important to consider the change that LED lights truly bring. The light distribution of an LED light bulb is far more direct than its predecessors, so it’s important to test the lighting ahead of time to make sure light will be distributed effectively. At the end of the day, you simply want your commercial space to be properly lit.

Avoid Disreputable Suppliers

Perhaps above all, the biggest mistake to avoid when switching your business to LED lighting is dealing with disreputable suppliers. Since the demand for cost-effective, energy-efficient LED lighting is increasing every day, you could wind up dealing with any number of unscrupulous lighting suppliers. Look for a commercial LED lighting supplier with a good reputation and proper licensing to ensure your business’s switch to LED lighting goes off without a hitch.


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