Five Advantages of Using LED Lights

LED Lights

LED lighting can provide your commercial building with a lot of advantages.

When you’re looking for ways to quickly improve your commercial building, there are few changes as easy or as beneficial as making the switch to LED lighting. Not only is it an inexpensive change, but the cost savings of making the switch can be significant. Along with saving money, there are a wide variety of advantages to using LED lights, today we’ll go through our top five.

Long Lifespan

Perhaps the most notable advantage to LED lights is their substantial lifespan. On average, LED’s will offer 2-4 times the lifespan of a metal halide, fluorescent, or sodium vapor light and up to 40 times as long as a standard incandescent bulb. Not only does this result in less maintenance but fewer replacement costs. Meaning you’re savings are much more than just the reduced energy.

Energy Efficient

Compared to all other bulb types LED’s are the most energy efficient, despite being overall more powerful. By switching to LED bulbs, the average company can expect to see a 60-75% decrease in energy use due to lighting. If your current lighting is particularly outdated, the reduction in consumption can reach up to about 90 %.

Stunning Color Rendering Index

The color rendering index is a tool used to measure a lights ability to create lighting that reveals color in as true to its real form as possible. In other words, how close can the light get to natural lighting. LED lights generally score between 65 and 95, which is as close to life as any lighting can get.

Directional Emissions

In the effort to make lighting more efficient and to decrease light pollution, most standard lighting will need to be capped or directed because it has a 360º emission. With LED lighting, the emissions are reduced to 180º making it possible to have a far more pointed directional lighting. Not only does this make the light more efficiently and minimize pollution, but it cuts down on the need and cost of additional products.

Dimming Capability

When you need a bulb that can offer a variety of settings, LED’s are able to deliver with their dimming technology. Unlike many standard bulbs, LED’s can operate at any percentage in their 0-100% range. As the power level is decreased the bulbs perform with greater and greater efficiency.




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