Five Commercial LED Lighting Technology Upgrades

LED Upgrades

Use these upgrades to make your LED system work even better.

Making a move to LED lighting can be a huge benefit to your commercial building. LEDs are a great way to reduce your maintenance, save, money, and reduce security threats on a base level. But did you know that there is plenty of technology that is used in conjunction with your LEDs to make them work even better? Today we’ll run you through five types of technology that can be used with your LED lighting.

Motion Detection Sensors

When you switch to LED lighting, you already know that you can expect your bulbs to last longer and be more efficient. On top of this, you can add a motion detector system that will allow your lighting only to run when it’s needed. Motion detectors are nothing new, but when combined with LEDs they create a highly efficient system that will significantly reduce your power used for lighting.

LED Diffusers

Diffusers alter lighting in a variety of ways. Usually, they are used for stage and photography lighting, in an office building, they can be used to help spread light more evenly and with less intensity. In spaces like medical offices and conference rooms, this can help create bright direct light without any harshness or glare.

Lighting Reflectors

When you want to create more impact with your lighting system a reflector can help give you the drama you need. Unlike diffusers, reflectors are used to increase the power of light; with LEDs it can increase brightness by 30%. This is of use when displaying awards, art, or critical products in your commercial building as it will help draw passerby’s eyes to whatever you are trying to display.

Slim Bulbs

As LED technology has improved the chances for the development of slim bulbs has grown significantly. The narrower frame means that there is less heat created and less bulk allowing for a better fit in unique light fixtures. The decreased size does not affect the brightness levels or the long-lasting nature.

Smart Bulbs

Did you know that you can control your bulbs from your phone? As with many new technologies, LEDs now have connectivity potential that allows you to create a custom colored light show using your overhead lights from your phone. In most instances, these special bulbs are programmed to change color based on a user inputted pattern. They can also be scheduled to sync up with music.


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