4 Reasons To Use LED Lighting In Your Building

LED Commercial

Learn why LED lights are perfect for your commercial building.

It’s a widely-known fact that LED lighting is one of the most useful types of lighting. LED lighting provides its users with economic and environmental benefits as well, making it an easy choice when deciding which lights to use in your home or commercial building. Here are just 4 of the many benefits LED lighting can provide you.

Energy Efficiency

One of LED lighting’s best qualities is its energy efficiency. For reference, LED lights you about half of the energy used by other light sources. This means that you won’t have to change them as often as you would other lights and that you will save money in the long run. You’ll have to buy fewer light bulbs when you convert to LED lighting. They also don’t contain any mercury, which means they’re great for the environment as well.

Long Lifespan

Over time, you might notice LED lights start to dim, but they don’t burn out dramatically in the same way that incandescent lights do. When you use an LED light, generally you can expect it to last for 30,000-50,000 hours (over 1200 days!). If you compare these lights to the lifespans of incandescent light (1,000 hours) and compact fluorescent lights (10,000 hours) the choice is simple!


Unlike other types of lights, LED lights aren’t built with filaments. This means that they are extremely durable when compared to other types of lights. LED lights contained soldered components that reinforce their strength and make them more likely to survive being dropped.

Health Benefits

LED are not only economically and environmentally friendly, but they have been shown to positively affect people’s health as well. For example, LED lighting has been shown to lower people’s anxiety levels. It also aids the body’s circadian rhythm because it mimics natural sunlight so closely. Employees who work in office settings usually don’t spend too much time in the sunlight so this is a great benefit.

People who work in places with LED lights are less likely to experience headaches because of their consistency. Sometimes other types of lights can flicker and cause issues for the people around them, but LED lights don’t do this.


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