What Can Cause Lights to Flicker?

What Can Cause Lights to Flicker?

There are a few different causes for flickering lights that we would like to review.

Flickering lights can give you all kinds of unpleasant feelings, some of which are ominous, while others are just bothersome. For those who work in buildings with flickering lights, you understand the bother they can be around the facility. They serve as a constant distraction and slow down progress while people work. You’ll want to address this problem as soon as you notice it. There are a few different causes for flickering lights that we would like to review.

Loose Connections

It’s a very common occurrence to have loose connections at the heart of flickering light issues. What’s scary is that loose connections can also result in electrical fires, so you can’t let this problem persist. When connections are loose, they have more resistance, meaning those connections can overheat. This is what causes electrical fires. Because of the dangers that loose connections present, you’ll want to contact an electrical contractor so they can help you handle the situation as quickly as possible.

Loose Bulbs

If you notice your lights have started to flicker, check on your light bulbs and see if they are fastened securely. When light bulbs aren’t tightly fit into their sockets, they get fluctuating levels of power, and this can cause their lighting output to fluctuate in return.

This problem can be fairly simple to correct because it only requires you going to the bulbs in question and tightening them accordingly. Just be sure the lights are turned off and that they aren’t heated too much before fixing them. For any lights that were on for a decent amount of time, it’ll take a moment or two for them to cool down.

Changes in Voltage

Pay attention to the larger appliances in your building. Sometimes, when these larger appliances get powered on, your lights might begin to flicker. If this is what goes on at your facility, it could be the result of voltage fluctuation. Larger appliances naturally require more electricity to function, and when they create large enough currents, your lights might end up flickering for a short time.

If you see that your lights flicker frequently when turning these larger appliances on, get in touch with an electrical contractor. You’ll want them to check whether or not those appliances are wired appropriately.

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