Ways to Clean Different Kinds of Light Bulbs

Ways to Clean Different Kinds of Light Bulbs

Knowing which types of light bulbs you have and how best to clean them can tremendously enhance your space overall.

Feel the urgent need to buy a bunch of new candles because your lighting is subpar? The problem could be that your light bulbs are dirty and need a proper cleaning. There are specific ways to effectively and efficiently clean your light bulbs. But, knowing which types of light bulbs you have and how best to clean them can tremendously enhance your space overall. Here are the top tips to proper light bulb cleaning spending on the type of light bulb you have.

Prior To Cleaning

Never underestimate the powerful invention that is electricity and the light bulb. There are some very basic precautions you’ll want to follow to ensure everyone’s safety when it comes to changing and properly cleaning all your light bulbs. The reality is, paying close attention to proper safety measures as you approach the light bulb cleaning process can truly make a world of a difference. Ultimately, turning off your light before you touch the light bulb is the most important step you’ll take when cleaning a light bulb in your home or office.

Cleaning Your Light bulbs

Once you’ve taken down your light bulb, it’s important to choose the best cleaning option based on the bulb itself. Feather dusters are some of the most common methods that people use when cleaning light bulbs. This is a great option — except for luminary light bulbs. For those types of light bulbs, a damp cloth or towel could be an excellent option. But with that cleaning method, you run the risk of getting water in the electrical socket, which could cause damage and potentially be unsafe for everyone involved. Cleaning the light bulb is one thing, but cleaning the fixture is also important to really enhance the space.

Bottom Line

Taking steps to effectively and efficiently clean your light bulbs is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. Taking proper safety precautions becomes an integral component of any process that deals with electrical sockets — like light bulb cleaning. Ultimately, being properly prepared will likely make a huge difference in the overall light bulb cleaning process — leaving you safe and with a home that is beautifully lit. The reality is, you can tackle any task just by following a few key safety measures ahead of time.


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