How Safe is a Broken LED Light Bulb?

How Safe is a Broken LED Light Bulb?

A broken LED light bulb can be a serious threat.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows whether a broken LED light is safe to use. Many people could have a hazard in their home without even knowing it — like a broken LED light. Ultimately, while LED lights are praised for their durability and cost-effectiveness, they may actually be dangerous and harmful when broken. Here is a useful guide to better understand just what to watch out for when it comes to your LED lights.

The Dangers Of Broken LED Lights

Accidents will happen — especially when it comes to any and all lightbulbs in your home. Whether your LED lights got knocked down via collision or shattered when attempting to change one out, there are going to be broken LED lights in your future. However, knowing how dangerous a broken LED light can be is critical for the health and safety of everyone in your home — particularly the person holding the lightbulb. Ultimately, a cracked LED light will always be better than having a totally shattered lightbulb. However, a cracked bulb can still be dangerous. Unfortunately, cracked LED bulbs can be a lot more prone to vibration damage.  That being said, a shattered LED light bulb really does hold the most danger.

LED Light Bulbs And Mercury

The biggest question people will ask is whether LED bulbs actually contain mercury. Fortunately, LED light bulbs don’t contain any trace of mercury whatsoever. As a result, they are safer to the touch when broken than any other light bulb on the market today. LEDs will use a semiconductor which means that absolutely zero amount of mercury is ever needed for the process of creating LED light bulbs.

The True Dangers Of LED Lights

LED lights will come with a few key dangers. A broken LED light bulb can be harmful when broken because it contains traces of other hazardous materials like copper and iron, which can be harmful when heated. The concentration of these different substances will all depend on the specific type of LED bulb you have. As a result, it’s always best to practice safety first whenever handling a broken LED bulb.

Bottom Line

Any broken light bulb can be dangerous — even an LED one. Always being careful when dealing with a broken light bulb can be the best approach you take for your safety.


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