Can You Use Indoor Lights and Outdoor Lights Interchangeably?

Can You Use Indoor Lights and Outdoor Lights Interchangeably?

Find out which bulbs can be used as indoor lights versus outdoor lights.

Lights aren’t going to last forever, and when you need yours replaced, you want to be sure you’re getting the most appropriate lights for your situation. If you don’t pick lights that are most suitable for your environment, there’s a higher chance of them not performing as you would like, which could require you to replace them. There are different types of light bulbs, some better for outdoor environments and others that are better for the indoors. In many situations, outdoor lights can work with indoor environments, but indoor lights cannot adapt to the outdoors. Find out which bulbs can be used as indoor lights versus outdoor lights.

Review the UL Rating

Looking at the UL rating of a light bulb is a great way to determine if it can be used outside. UL has different ratings for different locations. Take a look at the locations down below, as well as their respective UL ratings.

  • Dry Locations: given the label “UL Listed.” Areas include bedrooms, many types of bathrooms, hallways, living rooms, and kitchens.
  • Damp Areas: either given the label “Suitable for use in Wet Locations” or “Suitable for Damp Areas.” Areas include utility rooms, showers, bathtubs, and indoor pool locations.
  • Wet Locations: given the label “Suitable for Wet Locations.” Are able to be utilized in indoor and outdoor areas that are wet. Areas include decks, patios, walkways, and gazebos.

Which Light Bulbs are Safe for Different Locations?

Safety should be one of the biggest priorities when picking out light bulbs for the different areas around your building. Here are which light bulbs are safe for different environments.

  • LED Bulbs: can be used as indoor lights or outdoor lights
  • Xenon Bulbs: Can typically be used as indoor or outdoor lights, but check the packaging for confirmation on appropriate uses.
  • Incandescent Flood Light Bulbs: As long as water doesn’t get on them, they can be used in outdoor and indoor environments.
  • Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Can be used both as indoor or outdoor lights, but read the packaging to determine the highest temperature these bulbs can handle.
  • Metal Halide Light Bulbs: are useful in outdoor and indoor locations.
  • Flood Light Bulbs and Halogen Spotlights: can be used both as indoor lights and outdoor lights.

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