Maintenance Checklist to Follow For Your Outdoor Lights

Maintenance Checklist to Follow For Your Outdoor Lights

These are among the maintenance tasks you should do for your outdoor lights.

Outdoor lights do a lot of work illuminating people’s properties throughout the year. Eventually, though, you’ll need to take some time to check on your outdoor lights to make sure they are still in top form. Staying on top of maintenance tasks is highly recommended because taking a proactive approach to maintenance means you’ll avoid running into bigger problems later since you’ll catch them early on. These are among the maintenance tasks you should do for your outdoor lights.

Walk Along your Property

Take a moment to survey the perimeter of your property, and take note of any lights that aren’t working at the time. The outdoor elements can play a role in how long your lights last. Some lights last longer than others on average, such as 10,000-hour bulbs having more longevity than 5,000-hour bulbs.

If you begin noticing issues with any of your outdoor lights, make notes about these problems, so you’ll know everything that should be fixed.

Clean The Dirt Off Of Your Outdoor Lights

Don’t let your outdoor lights accumulate too much dirt. By getting your lights cleaned, you can help them retain their transparency and allow them to shine brightly.

This could also be the ideal moment to consider replacing the lights you have with more durable ones if you haven’t already. Bronze is a fine material to use because it isn’t as vulnerable to corrosion.

Get Rid of Any Plant Material Interfering With Your Outdoor Lights

It’s nice having some greenery around your outdoor landscape, but some plants can become a bother if they are interfering with your outdoor lights. If plants are blocking your outdoor lights, trim them back so that they don’t make contact with lighting fixtures. Lights that are covered up won’t be as effective at illuminating your property, and you also don’t want plants damaging your lights.

Do Maintenance on Your Lighting System and Transformers

Keeping track of your transformers is of great importance. You should see if there are any wires that are exposed and vulnerable. You’ll want undamaged wires buried around half a foot underground to keep them protected. You’ll also want to ensure that the block set screws of your terminal are tightened and secure.

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