The Right Way to Approach Cleanup for a Broken Light Bulb

The Right Way to Approach Cleanup for a Broken Light Bulb

Here is how you should handle cleaning up a broken light bulb.

You need to have a safe workplace if you’re going to promote high productivity and morale. Anyone who owns a business should thrive for safety at all times. There are many hazards to safety that can occur inside of a business. One of these hazards comes from broken light bulbs. This type of problem should be addressed swiftly and efficiently so that everyone in the building has the lowest chance of running into accidents and other dangerous scenarios. Here is how you should handle cleaning up a broken light bulb.

Prepare the Area Before Cleaning Up the Mess

Before cleaning can begin, you should first everyone away from the affected area. You don’t want people too close to the place where the light bulb shattered. Also, get some ventilation in the area by opening up a couple of windows. Allow 15 minutes for air to circulate before you start cleaning. Heaters and A/C units should be turned off during this time.  Lastly, get all necessary supplies, including paper towels, duct tape, stiff cardboard paper, and a glass jar.

Addressing a Broken Light Bulb on a Hardwood Floor

While vacuuming might be the first thing you want to do, you should refrain from doing so. This can spread mercury powder more easily. Vacuuming should only be done after the area has been thoroughly cleaned, just so you can clean up any fragments that were missed.

Instead, start by scooping up the debris, powder, and glass pieces by using cardboard or stiff paper and place everything in a plastic bag that can be sealed. Adhesive tape should be used to gather the last bits of powder and glass. Use wet wipes on the affected areas, and dispose of these wipes by putting them in a plastic bag.

For those using vacuums after cleanup is finished, the debris and vacuuming cleaning bag must be removed once you’re finished. These should be stored in a designated protected space outside.

Addressing a Broken Light Bulb on Carpeting

Just like with hard surfaces, don’t vacuum right away. Do what you would do with hardwood floors and start by picking up the different pieces and have them put in a plastic bag. Also, like with hardwood floors, use adhesive tape to get the last bits of powder and glass. Carpets might be concealing debris that is harder to find, so run a vacuum through the area once initial cleaning has been done. In future cleanings and vacuumings, open up your windows so that any leftover mercury vapor will be able to escape the room.

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