Problems With Using Light Bulbs That Don’t Have Proper Wattage

Problems With Using Light Bulbs That Don't Have Proper Wattage

Here is what can go wrong if the light bulbs you use don’t have the right wattage.

Light bulbs are used all of the time. In fact, they get used so often that people can sometimes lose sight of how important they are. Many people only recognize the importance of light bulbs once the bulbs go out and need to be replaced. When you’re getting your light bulbs replaced, you need to be sure you’re getting the right ones. One variable of a light bulb that needs to be considered is its wattage. Using a light bulb with the wrong wattage can put you in serious danger. Here is what can go wrong if the light bulbs you use don’t have the right wattage.

Overheating Your Light Bulbs

If the wattage your light bulb has is higher than what’s recommended for the electrical fixture, it’s known as overlamping. One problem with overlamping is that your light bulb will overheat. Not only will the light socket start melting, but the insulation your wires have will also get worn down. This can ultimately result in property fires starting up.

Your Light Fixtures Will Suffer Permanent Damage

Overlamping will cause irreversible damage to the lighting fixtures you have. You might even figure out that the wattage on your bulb is too high, but if you don’t fix the mistake in time, you won’t be able to save your fixtures. This is why you need to match the wattage of your lighting fixture the first time.

Light Bulbs Inside of Enclosed Fixtures

For light bulbs that are in enclosed fixtures, overheating can happen at an accelerated rate. This means you’ll have to be especially careful when picking out bulbs for those fixtures. With enclosed fixtures and the higher chance of overheating, fires are even more likely to occur.

How You Can Keep Overlamping From Happening

Fortunately, you can prevent overlamping. Being aware of what bulbs and fixtures you’re using is crucial. Most modern fixtures will indicate their wattage, making it easier to select the right light bulb.

As soon as you know the wattage rating for your fixture, be sure to get a lamp that is either equal or less than whatever is listed. If you make sure not to go over the wattage recommendation, you’re going to be fine. For fixtures that don’t indicate what wattage to use, going with bulbs that don’t exceed 60 watts is probably best.

You can also bring in professional help to determine if you have overlamping issues that need resolving. Professionals can also give their expert advice on what bulbs to use.

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