How You Can Use Landscape Lighting to Raise Curb Appeal

How You Can Use Landscape Lighting to Raise Curb Appeal

To help boost your property’s curb appeal, here are ways that you can use your landscape lighting.

When trying to raise the curb appeal of your building, many thoughts may come to mind. You might think about giving your building a fresh coat of paint or adding stunning new hardscape features to the outdoor landscape. However, there is another method of raising curb appeal, and that is with the help of landscape lighting.

An attractive entrance makes for a lasting first impression, and you want to dazzle your customers as soon as they get onto your property. To help boost your property’s curb appeal, here are ways that you can use your landscape lighting.

Entrance Lighting

You don’t want any outdated lighting fixtures lighting your entryways. They could be less effective at providing light, and they could even be starting to deteriorate, both of which make your building less attractive.

You want to use modern lights that are highly efficient. Preferably, they should complement your building’s exterior, though there’s nothing wrong with adding a little personal flair if you want.

Entrance lights should mainly serve to illuminate the path leading up to your door. Functionality is the most important trait of these lights. However, that’s not to say they can’t be used to highlight landscape and hardscape features that are near the entrance as well.

Pathway Lighting

Even if your entrances are well lit, having lighting along your pathways can be a big help, just to be sure that people don’t lose their footing trying to navigate through a dark pathway. It’s this little bit of extra safety that your visitors will appreciate.

Something else great about pathway lights is that you can use them to highlight nearby landscape features as well. There are even solar-powered options that can help your business save money.

Accent Architectural Features

The number of architectural features your building has will depend on its style. All properties have at least a few features they can highlight to look more appealing. Even the most subtle of features can pop out at passersby if they are properly illuminated.

Accent Landscaping

You likely put a great amount of money and time into your outdoor landscape, so you want to be able to show it off. With accent lighting, you can capture the true beauty of all of your flowers, bushes, and trees. Landscape lighting can even be used to highlight the grass itself.

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