How Lighting Affects Productivity in Your Office

How Lighting Affects Productivity in Your Office

When implementing lighting in your office space, it’s important to consider how it may impact productivity.

Whether you’re building out the most comprehensive corporate office there ever was or simply trying to rethink your home office, it’s important that you think about lighting. The lights in your office can ultimately alter mood, productivity and have a real impact on the general atmosphere. Many people complain about harsh artificial lighting that can end up causing headaches. When implementing lighting in your office space, it’s important to consider how it may impact productivity and what kinds of things are associated with the wrong kinds of lights.

Headache Causing

If your overhead lights are too harsh, they can end up causing headaches or even severe migraines in employees. That feeling makes getting work done pretty hard. If you spent eight hours a day with a throbbing headache, you’d likely find it difficult to motivate yourself into getting work done quickly too. While investing in more natural-feeling light may cost more upfront, think about how much more productive everyone will be in the end, giving you more savings over the long run.

Strained Eyes

Speaking of physical symptoms caused by artificial lights, it can have an effect on your eyes as well. In offices, employees are already often staring at bright screens on their computer all day – so additional strain caused by harsh overhead lighting or a poorly lit space overall can end up causing issues. If you’re providing too much contrast in light, it’s going to end up hurting employees’ eyes and causing them to struggle with productivity.

Impacted Sleep

We all have a circadian rhythm, which is essentially our internal clock that helps our body determine when it needs to sleep. That rhythm is tied to the lighting we experience. Natural light becomes necessary since our bodies are so attuned to it, helping regulate when we need to sleep and leaving us feeling tired or awake. Overly harsh lights can end up having a negative impact on people’s circadian rhythms.


If an employee ends up feeling drowsy due to lights, they may end up looking for ways to distract themselves. That may mean browsing the internet to distract themselves from how tired they are. If you want to keep people productive, having lighting that keeps them awake is key.

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