Tips for Keeping Your Landscape Lighting in Optimal Condition

Tips for Keeping Your Landscape Lighting in Optimal Condition

Here is what you should do if you want to make managing your landscape lighting much easier.

Lighting can be a handful to manage at times, and it would be perfect if lighting didn’t require any maintenance. However, we don’t live in that kind of world, though there are measures you can take to make your landscape lighting easier to manage. Here is what you should do if you want to make managing your landscape lighting much easier.

Inspect Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Observe your lighting fixtures and see if they are in good shape. Are your fixtures straight? Do they light up the areas that need to be lit? As time goes on, extreme cold will bring about freeze-thaw cycles. These freeze-thaw cycles will cause your lights to not aim as accurately as they once did because the earth underneath the lighting fixtures gets moved.

If you don’t get this problem fixed, it will only get worse as the earth beneath your landscape lighting fixtures gets moved more and more. You’ll eventually get to the point that your lights miss their targets entirely.

Overgrown Vegetation

Your landscape lighting can start to accumulate vegetation over the weeks and months. This shouldn’t come as too large of a shock to you, but just because it’s natural for plants to grow closer to your lights, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the problem.

Take some time to prune and trim your plants so that they aren’t interfering with your landscaping lighting. If vegetation isn’t blocking the path for your lights, it will allow your light to shine through much more easily.

Deal With Any Wires That Are Exposed

If wires get buried properly, they usually won’t get exposed. However, it’s not impossible, and wires can be brought to the surface courtesy of factors such as growing root systems and frost heave.

If you notice that wires are becoming exposed, you need to get them reburied. Not only is it better on the eyes, but it’s also safer for your wires to be beneath the surface. Exposed wires have a higher likelihood of getting damaged.

Think About Changes in Your Landscape

Landscapes are constantly changing. Greenery will keep growing, and your landscape will become more developed. The land will change just as much as the seasons. Because of the constant changes that can take place around your landscape, you may need to make adjustments to your landscape lighting.

Sometimes, this involves moving your landscape lighting to a different location. As an example, greenery, such as trees, can sometimes get in the way of your lights, so moving fixtures around can keep these trees from blocking out the light.

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