Winter Maintenance Suggestions for Your Outdoor Lighting

Winter Maintenance Suggestions for Your Outdoor Lighting

To avoid having your outdoor lighting fail you, you should follow these maintenance suggestions.

Outdoor lighting is more important than ever in the winter. The days are incredibly short, meaning you’ll need your lights for more extended periods of time. If they go out, your landscape may be less safe because you could end up slipping or tripping over something you couldn’t see in the dark. To avoid having your outdoor lighting fail you, you should follow these maintenance suggestions.

Keep Your Lenses Clean

You don’t want light to be blocked off from any lighting fixtures you have. Unfortunately, dirt and debris can keep light blocked off, so you’ll have to monitor how dirty your lenses are and get them cleaned whenever necessary.

A non-abrasive cloth should be used to wipe down your lenses, and you’re better off using a CLR cleaner. Before long, your outdoor lighting should look like new, and light can shine through.

In the winter, snowstorms can sometimes impact your lights as well, so make sure to clear snow off of your lighting fixtures. If you use halogen bulbs, they might emit enough heat that most snow will melt right off. If you use LED bulbs, you won’t get as much heat emanating from them, but they are the more energy-efficient option.

See If There Are Any Exposed Wires

Wires can sometimes be brought to the surface if the ground freezes over and then thaws. These wires will have to be reburied, but not before you take a close look at them. If you have any damage on your wires, it indicates that you might have to make some repairs.

This is a job we don’t suggest you take on yourself. Instead, seek the help of a professional outdoor lighting company because this kind of job can be dangerous without the right knowledge and experience.

Adjust Your Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

As time passes, outdoor lighting fixtures can get moved out of alignment or sometimes even damaged due to inclement weather or landscaping. Because of this, you should walk through your landscape and get your lighting fixtures realigned whenever they go crooked.

Take your time and be careful when you remove snow that’s around your lighting fixtures. If you’re getting professional help removing snow, tell them where your outdoor lighting fixtures are so that they don’t accidentally damage them. Using flags as indicators can help people know where your fixtures are.

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