When Your Business Should Get a Lighting Inspection

When Your Business Should Get a Lighting Inspection

Here are scenarios in which you should get a lighting inspection done.

While many companies understand that emergency lights must abide by particular regulations, they might not know that non-emergency lighting should also be inspected. Don’t undermine the importance of electrical safety because proper lighting is important for ensuring people can navigate through a building safely. This is especially important when you have emergencies, which will require people to evacuate the building quickly and efficiently. To make sure lighting is operational, inspections will be needed. Here are scenarios in which you should get a lighting inspection done.

When Renting or Purchasing New Property

Before you buy any new property, get a thorough lighting inspection done. Don’t just give a cursory glance of the lights and assume all is well because some bulbs might be old or even dangerous.

By getting a lighting inspection done prior to purchasing a property, you can start factoring the money it would cost to renovate all of the lights into your purchase. This leads to fewer unpleasant surprises down the road.

When You Have Widespread Power Outages or Flickering of the Lights

It’s not too abnormal to have a light flicker from time to time. It could just mean that a bulb is loose and that you have to tighten it again. However, it’s a different story if many lights are all flickering at the same time.

Widespread light flickering might mean that there are serious electrical concerns around your building. Sometimes, your lights are incredibly old and have to be replaced. Whatever the problem may be, you’re best getting a lighting inspection done. After that, you should put a plan into place that helps guarantee your lighting is safe and reliable down the road.

Before You Sell a Property or Put It Up for Rent

You wouldn’t want to purchase or rent a property only to find out that the lights are no good. Likewise, anyone purchasing a property from you would feel the same way. Therefore, you should get a lighting inspection done before you make an exchange with anyone interested in your property.

A lighting inspection will help you guarantee that your lighting fixtures are all in great shape before you give your property to someone else if you’re selling. If you’re renting to someone else, you build a better reputation if your property is well-kept, and you can also ask for a better price if your lights are of better quality.

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