Reasons That Light Bulbs Burn Out

Reasons That Light Bulbs Burn Out

These are some of the reasons that your light bulbs could be burning out.

Perhaps you’ve had this situation happen to you before. You go into a dark room, hoping to get some light in there after flipping on the switch. But, instead of being graced by the light’s presence, you’re met with a burnt-out light bulb. How frustrating is that? Sometimes, even brand new light bulbs can burn out, seemingly without warning. It costs a lot of money to get them replaced, and you don’t want to run into this problem over and over again. You might wonder why lights burn out in the first place. These are some of the reasons that your light bulbs could be burning out.

Your Power Supply Voltage is Too High

120-volt electrical outlets are considered to be the standard for many homes in the United States. If one of your outlets gives off more voltage for your light than it should, it can cause light bulbs to die out more quickly in exchange for more brightness during the time it’s functional. Don’t hook your bulbs up to outlets that provide more voltage if you want to preserve them for longer.

If your light bulbs are hooked up to standard outlets, you can check the outlet with the help of a multimeter. If you see a reading beyond 120 volts, you should get professional help addressing the issue.

Your Light Bulbs Aren’t Connected Properly

If your light bulbs aren’t connected as they should be, they will burn out at a faster rate. Sometimes, you’ll notice that your bulbs are flickering, which is a tell that perhaps they haven’t been installed the right way. Make sure they are screwed properly into your light sockets. The bulbs should fit snug into them.

Too Much Vibration

Sometimes, vibrations can occur from sources such as garage doors and ceiling fans. These can result in broken filaments if you’re using incandescent bulbs. You might also get flickering, which is caused by loose connections.

If your light bulbs are around entrances, on ceilings in high foot traffic rooms, or in places where you can’t avoid vibrations, consider using LED light bulbs instead. These bulbs don’t have any filament in them, eliminating the possibility of broken filaments. You can also install “rough service” light bulbs. These are made for the purpose of handling vibrations better.

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