Do You Have to Get Your Exit and Emergency Lights Inspected?

Do You Have to Get Your Exit and Emergency Lights Inspected?

Here is what you need to know about the importance of inspecting exit and emergency lights.

For those who own businesses, you understand that every component of your building needs to be in functional condition at all times. One of those components is your exit and emergency lights. Did you know that your exit and emergency lights have to be regularly inspected? It’s to preserve the safety of people in your building. Here is what you need to know about the importance of inspecting exit and emergency lights.

What Can Happen If Your Lights Don’t Get Inspected?

Ignoring inspections and testing for your exit and emergency lights is unacceptable. You’ll face severe repercussions if you don’t stay on top of your inspections. For starters, you’ll lose a lot of money in the form of fines. What’s worse is that dysfunctional exit and emergency lights put people at greater risk for injuries. You’ll also face follow-up lawsuits whenever people suffer injuries brought about by your ineffective lights.

But there’s still more that can compromise your business. Without functional exit and emergency lighting, you could suffer extra property damage, and you could lose business because your building isn’t as safe as it should be.

What’s good is that you can stop these problems from arising. Here is how to do it.

Monthly Inspections and Tests Are Vital

Every month, take the time to get 30-second tests done for all of your exit and emergency lights. This is a test you can do on your own by simply holding down the button that says “push to test.” Hold this button down for 30 seconds to confirm that your lights and batteries are working. If you have bulbs that are either dimmed or burnt-out entirely, you’ll have to get repairs and maintenance done immediately.

There are some lights that perform tests automatically roughly every 30 days. For these lights, you will only have to perform a visual inspection each month.

Don’t Forget About Annual Tests and Inspections

Every year, you’ll need to get 90-minute inspections and tests done for your lights. The manufacturer for your lights should have provided instructions on how to do this yourself, but you can also let a fire protection company carry out the procedures for you, which would make the process smoother.

You’ll have to cut off AC power to all of your lights while you conduct testing and inspecting. You’ll also lose power to all things that are connected to your relevant breaker. Because of this, you’ll have to plan in advance before you do your annual inspections and tests. You’ll also need to record proof that you’ve done monthly and yearly testing so that you can show it to your local authority having jurisdiction whenever they ask for it.

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