Ways for You to Make Your Parking Lot Lighting Better

Ways for You to Make Your Parking Lot Lights Better

Here’s how to improve your parking lot lighting.

Your parking lot is an essential asset to your business. It provides your customers with an easy and convenient place to park so they can access your building and actually be your customers. A clean, safe, well-lit parking lot is a great way to make a good first impression, and it can raise your building’s curbside appeal. A parking lot that is none of those things makes a bad impression, however, and can turn a wonderful asset into a liability. Remove a lot of the risk by improving the parking lot lighting in your lot. Good lighting in parking lots makes them safer, discourages criminal activity, and improves the customer experience. Here’s how to improve your parking lot lighting.

Upgrade Bulbs And Fixtures

Budget to have a lighting contractor upgrade your fixtures every few years. As they age, light fixtures lose their efficiency by about 40%, causing them to use more energy and go through bulbs more quickly. Upgrading your fixtures also allows you to install the latest technology so that you are providing the best, most efficient lighting sources. Even if you can’t replace the fixtures right away, consider swapping your lights out for LED bulbs. LEDs are more effective and better light sources, and they last longer.

Install Sensors

Using a sensor system is much more efficient and safer than relying on a timer or even physically turning the lights on and off each day. You can get sensors that respond to changes in light as well as those that respond to movement. Sensors that know when to turn lights on and off based on need are going to help your business save money long term, and also make your parking lot safer since you know the light will be on when you need it.

Inspect Poles and Layout

Most business owners only really pay attention to their parking lots during the day, but you need to make sure that you are also doing periodic inspections at night. During the day, it may not be clear that a tree branch is obstructing light in your parking lot because it doesn’t cast a shadow in the same way. Additionally, make sure that you are doing your nightly inspection during each season. Sure, you’re already there at night in the winter because the sun sets earlier, but the trees also don’t have as many leaves. Take time to go back after dark during the summer to do your inspection. Finally, include the poles on your inspection checklist. Look for signs of deterioration and damage to catch them early.


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