What Commercial LED Lights Do For Your Workplace

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Discover the benefits that come with installing commercial LED lights.

Whether you own a commercial building or business or manage one, much of your day is likely devoted to finding ways to cut costs. If yours is like most buildings, electricity is likely one of your biggest budget items. If you could find ways to lower your commercial electrical costs, your whole budget would be better off. Your lighting might be the perfect place to cut down on extraneous costs. You can reap incredible benefits by replacing your existing bulbs with LED lights. Read on to learn more about what commercial LED lights can do for your workplace.

LEDs Are The Most Sustainable

LED lights are far more sustainable than most other bulbs on the market, especially in commercial use. LEDs use less electricity – depending on the bulbs you currently use, you could cut your energy consumption by up to 90% per bulb. That will likely mean a tremendous increase in the energy efficiency of your workplace. Commercial LED lights also have the added benefit of staying cooler. This can improve your workplace exponentially. LEDs allow you to lower the heat profile of your building, keeping employees and guests cooler without increasing your cooling costs. And people who are cooler are more comfortable and productive, too. 

LEDs Provide Better Quality Light

On top of being more sustainable, LEDs also provide a better quality lighting experience. The lights offer brighter light and the possibility to change the brightness or intensity to suit your needs. This means that LEDs allow you to create a workplace where even the lighting levels can be customized for employee comfort. This can help improve productivity and limit stress due to eyestrain, which often manifests as physical discomfort, such as headaches, neck pain, and inability to concentrate.

LEDs Save Money And Time

Finally, LEDS can save you money. The qualities that make them more sustainable can also make them have a positive impact on your bottom line. If you’re using less electricity for each bulb for the same or better lighting quality, and those bulbs also last longer, your budget is definitely moving in the right direction. Converting to LED lighting can also move you towards getting your building LEED certified and make you eligible for tax incentives, saving more money there. It is important to remember that the age of the building will influence how quickly and cheaply you can switch to LEDs (incompatible transformers can make them overheat and shorten their lifespan). Still, in the long run, this investment is well worth it.


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