Why Your Commercial Building Benefits from an Energy Audit

cmi lighting energy audit

Schedule an energy audit to improve your building’s energy efficiency.

Are you using resources wisely at your company? While you might associate that question with hard materials and resources you spend money on, it also applies to your energy usage. By making your commercial building more energy efficient, you can decrease your spending and ensure you reach your environmental goals. What are some of the reasons why your commercial building could benefit from an energy audit? 

Boost Property Value

Energy-efficient properties are much more appealing to other companies and potential buyers, so an energy audit and subsequent improvements can also improve the value of your property. This is particularly true for large investments, like new roofing, a new commercial lighting system, or a new HVAC system. If you choose to take things a step further and get environmental certifications, you can expect your property value to increase even more. 

Decrease Spending

A commercial energy audit can pinpoint a variety of places where you can scale things back to reduce spending at your company. Your audit will identify many areas for improvement, including significant updates like replacing your HVAC system and small things like swapping out your lightbulbs. Over the course of your energy audit, you’ll learn numerous strategies to decrease electricity usage that can save you money for years to come. 

Get Equipment to Last Longer

Proactively identifying problems with key systems at your property is vital to fixing them before things worsen and you permanently damage the equipment’s lifespan. By investing in an energy audit, you can catch a broad range of issues and perform the necessary repairs or replacements now instead of needing to make a big investment in the future when premature wear has taken a toll. 

Improve Compliance

A growing number of federal regulations can impact businesses like yours, including standards for carbon reduction, energy efficiency, emissions, and more. An energy audit can help you boost your compliance with a variety of standards before you’re eventually forced into doing so.


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