How to Find Your Best Commercial Lighting

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Find your best commercial lighting with the experts at CMI Lighting.

Choosing commercial lighting for your property isn’t as simple as picking up an adequate light bulb for your fixtures. There are many factors to consider before purchasing and installing lighting in your office, hotel, retail store, or other commercial facilities. When deciding on the best commercial lighting, you will want to consider each light’s lumens, aesthetics, cost, and quality to ensure you get the most for your investment. The experienced commercial electricians at CMI Lighting can assist you in finding the ideal lighting for your property. 


It’s recommended to opt for LED lighting whenever possible. LED commercial lighting has the best lumens or light output. This is ideal for commercial spaces, which should be appropriately lit to look professional and ensure safety and visibility for all guests and employees. LED lighting is also more cost-efficient than other lighting options, as LED lights last much longer at a higher quality than traditional light bulbs. 


Aesthetics and appearance are essential when selecting your commercial lighting, just like selecting your furniture or front door. You will want to select lighting fixtures that are consistent and bright and which illuminate the areas you wish to highlight. They should go with the style of your property so you have a cohesive aesthetic. Your commercial property should always convey professionalism and cleanliness to create great first impressions, so it’s important that your lighting reflects this. 

Commercial Lighting Costs

While it is important to stay on budget, it is equally important to have a well-lit commercial space. The professionals at CMI Lighting can help you find the most efficient ways to light your business so that you maximize the output of your lighting. Again, utilizing natural light when possible and long-lasting LED lighting will also help you cut back on excess costs. 

Lighting Quality 

There are differences in lighting quality, just as there are differences in the quality of flooring or any other appliance or piece of furniture in your property. Whenever you decide what to buy, you should remember that if lighting costs a bit more upfront for a higher quality feature, you save money in the long run. “You get what you pay for” is a saying for a reason because quality features that look better and last longer save you money in the long run. You avoid paying for repairs, touch-ups, and replacements when you spend a little more on high-quality lighting. 


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