3 Types of Lighting Commonly Used in Commercial Settings

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Ambient light refers to the primary way that a space is illuminated and should be uniform and bright throughout the entire area

It’s well-established how much of a role lighting plays in our mood, energy levels, and cognitive function. And it’s even more important in a commercial setting, where great lighting can improve productivity, promote safety, and close sales. However, it goes beyond simply making sure you have a ceiling light or a lamp in every room. There are so many little details that go into creating the perfect environment for each room in an office or retail store. Among these details are the various types of lighting – these types not only serve different purposes, but they also complement each other to create a good lighting environment in commercial settings. Here are three lighting types that are usually used within commercial settings.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient light refers to the primary way that a space is illuminated. This light should be uniform and bright throughout the entire area. In commercial settings, ambient lighting should invite a sense of comfort, safety, and warmth as it can set the tone for the way your business is perceived – both by potential customers as well as your employees. You want this perception to be one of safety and security; this, in turn, promotes productivity and a positive office culture.

Task Lighting

Task lights serve to illuminate specific areas of a room where work tasks are expected to be done. The most common example, in the office setting, is the desk light. Task lighting should be brighter than ambient lighting, but not so bright as to strain the eyes of the worker. With great task lighting complementing the ambient lighting of the commercial space, you can help prevent the incidence of headaches and strained eyes amongst your employees.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to draw the eye of the observer towards specific parts of a commercial space. This is typically seen as a purely aesthetic lighting choice, and many will choose to highlight parts of the office such as beautiful pieces of artwork or company awards. But, in its own way, it is a functional type of lighting just like task and ambient lighting. Highlighting company awards with accent lighting, for example, may help your sales representatives close more sales with potential clients.


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