How to Use Power Strips Properly at Your Business

CMI Lighting power strips

Power strips are specifically designed to handle the electrical loads of smaller appliances such as lamps, computers, and mobile phones.

For businesses that rely on electronic devices every day, power strips are invaluable tools to help them make sure all of their devices have power. Power outlets can be in short supply, especially in older buildings that may not have been designed with the company’s electrical needs in mind. However, it’s important to note that power strips need to be used properly for the health and safety of everyone at the business. Using a power strip improperly can increase the risk that your business could suffer an electrical fire. Here are some important things to keep in mind when using power strips at your business.

Don’t Plug One Power Strip into Another

Stringing power strips together is known as daisy-chaining, and it is very dangerous because it can quickly overload the circuit and lead to an electrical fire. The practice typically is in violation of local fire safety codes, but ensure that your employees understand the importance of not plugging power strips into one another.

Stay Under the Voltage Capacity

Each power strip has a designated voltage capacity that you need to stay under in order to decrease the risk of a fire. Check the voltage of the devices that are plugged into each power strip, and opt for higher capacity strips if the need exceeds your current strips’ capacity.

Only Use with Light Load Appliances

Power strips are specifically designed to handle the electrical loads of smaller appliances such as lamps, computers, mobile phones, etc. Larger appliances that have a higher electrical load, like space heaters, kitchen appliances, and others should not be plugged into a power strip. 

Keep Power Strips Out in the Open

You may think that you can cover a power strip with something like a rug or cloth to enhance the appearance of your office, but this represents another fire hazard. Power strips generate heat during normal operation, and this heat needs ample space to disperse properly, or the strip may overheat.

Call A Professional Commercial Electrician If Your Needs Outweigh Your Capacity

If your business is having trouble fulfilling its electrical needs, even through the usage of power strips, it may be a good idea to call in a professional electrician. They can do a complete assessment of your electrical system and identify ways to upgrade, modernize, and strengthen your system so that your power strips can play a proper role as a support device. Call CMI Lighting today to speak with one of our experienced commercial electricians.


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