3 Reasons to Get an Electrical Inspection for a Commercial Building

CMI Lighting Electrical Inspection

Electrical inspections can give businesses and property managers some key information about the state of their electrical systems.

Electrical inspections are very important as they can give businesses and property managers some key information about the state of their electrical systems. This goes beyond emergency systems, which may need to be checked every so often by law. Regular lighting and other electrical systems also benefit from regular inspections. In general, you should have an inspection of your electrical systems completed once a year or so. However, there may be special circumstances where you should have an inspection done regardless of how long it has been since the last one. Here are three reasons why you should get an electrical inspection for a commercial building.

Buying, Selling or Renting New Property

Business expansion is great, but it can also come with some headaches. When investing in new property, don’t simply do a visual inspection of the lighting and other electrical systems. Call in a professional electrician to do a complete check of the entire system. They may be able to identify unseen issues that could cost your company valuable time and money and put you in a better negotiating position with the landlord or seller. In addition, if you are selling or renting out your own property, an electrical inspection can help ease the mind of the buyer or tenant and allow you to get the best offer possible.

Flickering or Outages

One light bulb flickering in a commercial building may not seem like much of a big deal. But when you have several lights flickering, or you’re experiencing periodic outages, it may be a sign of a more serious problem. Letting these problems go is risky and could lead to much more serious trouble later. An electrical inspection can help pinpoint the specific issues your building is undergoing. Moreover, a professional commercial electrician can provide solutions to update your systems and get it back in working order quickly and reliably.

Before the Stormy Season

If you live in an area that experiences regular stormy weather for part of the year, schedule an electrical inspection before this season starts. It’ll be critical to helping your business endure through the season without too much disruption. For the Mid-Atlantic region, spring or fall are good times to do this – spring because of the extra rain and occasional thunderstorm, fall because of the stray hurricanes and tropical storms that sometimes wander up the coast.


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